is a software house specialised in industrial information technology. The company was founded spring '86 with the leading idea to produce quality software applications using newest software technology - still keeping in mind our customers' needs and expectations....

Our line of business contains designing and implementing industrial and production control systems, making various prestudy and performance analyses and assisting our customers to select proper tools for their information systems. Our main branches are:
  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Metal industry
  • Forest industry
In most projects SQ works as a subcontractor so, although our prime customers normally are located around Tampere, the end customers are around Finland and abroad. To our current premises in Technology Center Hermia we moved among the first in '88. Hermia provides excellent framework for inter-enterprise cooperation. From the beginning Hannu Kauppila (MSc) has been the managing director. The number of personnel is currently over 20 and annual turnover is about 7 Mmk.

Industrial Information Technology: Key Domain

Industrial information technology is our most important key domain. It consists of:

  • R&D and Consulting
    We help our customers to develop information systems and products.
  • Application Development
    Program design/development for our own systems and "keys-in-hand" applications
  • Subcontracting
    Subcontracting as part of larger delivery projects.
  • Complete Applications
    "Keys-in-hand" information systems directly to end customers.


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